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1578 Main Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
Phone: 973.340.0628

Store hours:
Monday - Saturday: 7:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am - 8:00pm

Our Family History

The Corrado family has been in the produce business since the early 1920's when Grandfather Pietro Corrado first started as a merchant in Paterson's Island market. In 1932, Pietro and his sons Jimmy and Tony moved to a converted shed in the Paterson Farmers' Market, and began speculating and selling on consignment.

Jimmy seemed to have a knack for the business and an eye for the future. He began expanding.... selling flowers, shrubs, watermelon and even California juice grapes. He believed in hard work and in the importance of family. During the 1960's, Jimmy worked in the store, together with his entire family; sons Jerry, Peter and Joey, and even wife Margie and daughter Patty. In 1975 he opened a new store in Clifton, "Corrado's Family Affair." The new store offered pasta, fresh meat, and even a deli counter... a real Supermarket ! Today's store boasts not only the freshest produce, but includes a 1 hour photo, fresh cut flowers, a bakery, deli, a liquor store, even a donut and sandwich shop ! Corrado's has come a long way.

Our Family Tradition

Another reason for Corrado's success is the quality, caring and personal touch that people have come to expect from us. That "Family" atmosphere is prevalent throughout the store. You can always find a family member to help with any requests. Jerry, Joey, Peter, Cousins Sal, Carmella, Joanne, Uncle Tony are available if you need help. Corrado's reputation for quality has spread outside the community. According to Peter, "This store has more nationalities going through it than the U.N." Weekends will find buses from Senior Citizens Centers, Tour Busses, and even buses from embassies bringing diplomats to Corrado's. The word is out..."Come to Corrado's for that old fashioned quality and caring!"